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What are the Internet rules in your house?

Thursday, April 30, 2009
posted by raheema

Hi Everyone,

This week has been very busy for us.  We had the grand re-opening to our new offices in Mississauga.  We were pleased that the Mayor joined us  in celebration.  We are very lucky to have a good support system within our families and our community.

So, I keep hoping to start preparing for another Internet Safety Night coming up in 11 days!  I have a bit of extra research to do because the speaker we usually have to speak about Facebook is unavailable.  So, I am going to cover it!!

In this research, I came across a chat room about Internet and gaming usage. In our home, we have PurePages Internet, so with our kids being young and not yet venturing into chat rooms etc, our Internet worries, are on the lower side.  So our rules are simple:

1)  let me know when you are on the computer.

2) I can come and see what you are doing and show you new games when I want.

3) I limit the amount of time you can play on the computer.

The rules are simple because my children are only 3 and 5; and also because we have FILTERED Internet. I know they are safe.  As they start exploring the Internet more, the rules will adjust accordingly.

I was surprised to read that about 65% of children do not have rules about their Internet usage  at home.  I would like to ask all of you for feedback, what are the Internet rules in your house?

I look forward to some responses!

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Child Pornography and Baby Shake

Thursday, April 23, 2009
posted by raheema

This week I was in a Mcdonalds with my children, on on the front page of the Toronto Sun, was a Hockey coach that has been charged with ‘two counts of possession of child pornography, accessing child pornography and making child pornography.’  This is a  hockey coach that used to teach the minor peewee ‘A’ team and was last year coaching the bantam ‘A’ hockey team.

What happened to the men that would buy a red convertible when they would hit a mid life crisis?  This man is 50 years old.  What creates a need to want to look at children in this way? Is it no longer cool, just to be a good dad and drive cool cars?  Is it now cool to get front page of The Toronto Sun and make it on CTV news as a child pornographer?    Is this some people’s way to stardom?  I just can not understand why anyone would want to do such things!

I know he is not the first, and will not be the last… but it is because of people like this that I have now started to occasionally ask my 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son, if anyone has touches them.  Even if they don’t understand what these things mean they will end up understanding these concepts at a much earlier than preferred age.

I also heard on the radio this morning that Apple has banned a iPhone application, a game called “Baby Shaker”.  The simple game contained a black and white outline of a crying baby.  When the iPhone user shook the phone, the crying on-screen baby was then shown with large red X’s over its eyes.  The purpose is to release frustration when you are somewhere with a crying baby.  It is essential a virtual game to murder babies. If this game was not banned, chances are that we would have an increased the infant mortality rate for “Shaken Baby Syndrome” in five years from now.   Are crying babies annoying -yes!  Ask any mother who has a newborn or a colic baby.  Would they shake them to the point of death….mmmm… NO!  Between this game and RapePlay that I spoke about last week, I am just appalled!  For the creator of this game… make sure you put this invention of yours on your EHarmony account, it will lure those women right in!

I am surprised that this game was approved, but am also happy that is was banned so quickly.  At least there are some people out there that also thought that this concept was outrageous!

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