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Technology and Fraud

Friday, June 26, 2009
posted by raheema

Do you remember the days BEFORE the Internet and ATM?  Well, I do.  I sound old… but I am not THAT old (lol).

I got married about 10 years ago… and at that time the Internet was still a new phenomenon.  When you searched “weddings” or  anything related to weddings only a few links would appear.

Until recently, I still had my very first ATM card. It was in mint condition, although, my husband will tell you, it was VERY well used.  Since the beginning of 2009, on several occasions, people had told me they had never seen this new style of ATM card… little did they know it was about 15 years old!  Then one day, I went into our office and 2 other co-workers were saying how their bank accounts were wiped out, because of someone using their bank cards… Their cards were still with them… but the banks called and said that their cards were “compromised” and they need to go to the bank and get new cards… At this time I pulled out my shiny, green ATM card and told them how long I have had mine… Later that day… I got the same call saying that my card had been compromised and I needed to go to the bank to get a new card… Feeling a bit sad that I had to lay my first card to rest; I went into the bank and obtained a new one… I did not have the heart to cut my old card up, instead I took it home and put it in my memory box.  I can still remember going to the bank with my boyfriend (now husband) to get the card, we picked the PIN together.  I could not cut up such a nice memory…

It was only a matter of time before it happened.  15 years ago when I got the card, there was no Internet Fraud, there was no rules about not sharing your PIN  number… These are all new rules, its a new game.  Today, there are well over 59,0000 scam programs designated to gain access to YOUR bank account.

When we hosted one of our Internet Safety Nights, the Constable told the audience the following:

1) Do not do your online banking on the same computer that your kids use, because if your kids go to a site and your computer is  hacked, someone you do not know can access all your banking information

2) Do not use LimeWire as leads may lead to many viruses for your computer.

3) Never share your passwords (lol – even if there is a chance you may marry the person you are sharing it with).  Once damage is done, it may be irreversible.

4) If you are going to make a purchase at a store, that has only one young person working at the register, think twice about using your debit machine, as it might have a card reading device attached.  In an outlet where there is a lot of activity, this is not as likely to happen.

5) Only use your credit card online to purchase something if the website is secured.

6) If you are online and you hear of a “deal” that is to good to be true, it probably is, take advice from another party before you divulge important information.

Deals that are too good to be true, or “sad” stories, are often generated from Nigeria or the UK.  After you have hear two or three you have generally heard them all.  One of the golden rules, DO NOT believe everything you read on the Internet.

If you are online, you are smart enough to be there, don’t let someone else try to trick you out of your place.  Think twice, use your head and be web smart.

If anyone has a scam story or is unsure of a situation that they are currently in online, please do not hesitate to write back, we will be happy to provide you with our expertise on any Internet Safety matter.

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Internet safety in China

Thursday, June 18, 2009
posted by raheema

A little while ago, a friend sent me an email about China’s new Internet filtering policies.

As of July 1st 2009, all personal PC’s that are sold in China, will have a built in filtration system that will block all pornographic sites.  It doesn’t just stop there, with time other sites may also be blocked… but specific URL’s and websites can be added on the filtration system by parents as well.

When this article first came out, most people loved the idea.  A few Canadians were opposed to it. The comments to this article are closed, otherwise I would have posted the link.  I also reside in Canada, and although I believe in Internet Filtering many people here don’t… and I just don’t understand why.  About a year ago, our local library had a situation where a man was repeatedly coming into the library and look at pictures of nudists.  There could be children around, it is a library after all.  I found out about this situation, because the lady who sat beside him one time wrote in to the local newspaper.  This become a 4 week debate in the paper. At that time, PurePages offered the library FREE Internet services, and although the offer was appreciated and they wanted to accept, they could not because of Human Rights.  This man, had the right to come in, and look at whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted, without any regard to who else can see. On the other hand, is it not MY right, to take my children into the library and not have them exposed to vulgarity?  Is it not my right to think that the library is safe for them to visit for story time and computer classes?  I personally think that it is a little weird that people would look at such things in a library…

I personally think that the Chinese are on to something here.  Internet filtering from now will save us a lot of hassle in the future.  A long time ago, I read that there was an employee of a Corporation, who could not work, because of his addiction to Online Porn.  Situations like this, are ridiculous, yes they may make some people chuckle and think how crazy is that… but it is the truth, it is reality.  It is what we should AVOID.