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Computer Virus that frames YOU for Child Porn!

Thursday, December 17, 2009
posted by raheema

One of the latest computer viruses has been created by Child Pornographers, the mission, to frame YOU!

Child pornographers have recently started a new virus that they send into your computer, via email attachments, pop-ups etc and they can make it appear as though you are surfing child pornography!  Oh and one more thing, you may not even know until the police is knocking at your door!

Innocent people have had their reputations lost in this “scam”.  In such accusations they get fired from their job, receive hate mail, have their tires slashed and become out-casted in their own neighbourhoods.   People have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove their innocence.   But not everyone has this much money… In one case, a virus changed the home page on a man’s web browser to display child porn, a discovery made by his seven-year-old daughter. The man spent more than a week in jail and three months in a halfway house, and lost custody of his daughter.

The motivation behind these pornographers doing this, is so that they can say that they also had a virus… “It wasn’t me” or the “Dog ate my homework” type of mentality…  Police Departments are not being very lenient on people with the reason of a virus, because sometimes it was you or the dog really did eat the homework and there is no way to determine otherwise.

This could happen to anyone.  What can be done to prevent it?  Have some filtering methods in place.  A few months ago, I would have said that it’s great for when you have kids, but with these types of scams out there, it is a better idea for everyone to have.

With PurePages Internet, your Internet itself is filtered, there are no extra software’s to upload.  If something like this happened, you would not be able to access these sites because of our filtering systems.  It’s a winning solution.

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