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A reason to have Wi-Fi.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
posted by raheema

Need a reason to have a Wi-Fi in your restaurant?? I was at Harvey’s a few days ago… 2 people in line asked if there was Wi-Fi at the location. The employee said no, and the 2 customers left and went to a coffee shop in the same area!

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Wi-Fi – the next generation!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
posted by raheema

Our previous generations grew up with “What a wonderful World”  the next generation is going to be growing up in a Wireless World!  With the way technology has been progressing over the last decade, it is no surprise!

Yesterday CBC News gave us a sneak peak at what to look out next year… At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  in Vegas, there is expected to be a launch for the latest in the Wi-Fi world, called Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct will be a launch of over 500 gadgets that connect wireless… For someone like me that HATES it when wires show on desks and behind computers etc, this is best invention yet… Computers, TV’s, DVD players, Speakers, Digital cameras will all be able to connect Wireless!  Some Wi-Fi direct products are expected to be available from mid 2010 but their official launch will be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas 2011.  These products will be equipped with Wi-Fi chips to communicate with each other without having to go through an intermediary device, such as an internet router.

I am sure that this is something all “Techies” will love and by any means, I am far from a “Techy”…… but from my perspective… this is  great… easier to clean around the house, no more lifting and moving wires when cleaning, no more looking for the USB cables when I want to print or email pictures… Its a great situation for ALL!

I look forward to removing the cables in our home and being part of the next generation in a wireless world!

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