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Wi-Fi in Toronto

Sunday, May 15, 2011
posted by raheema

We came across a post on a blog for Toronto Wi-Fi a couple of nights ago and thought we should share the extract:

“Thanks very much for this list. Whenever I find a place that’s free-wifi-friendly, I try to let my friends know on twitter and chat it up. Now I can link to this too.

Along with Linux, my go-to place in the my area is Better and Better (the ones with the banana bread). It’s Reunion Coffee and no great whiz-bang ambiance, but it’s clean and bright, the bakery is solid, the prices very cheap and the people could not be nicer.

One chain that has saved me more than a few times is Timothy’s. There are at least a few locations that have very strong signals and only require a button-push on a simple Tof C page (tip: Select Sandwich has the same, I’ve found). And when I use their wifi, I also tend to buy their coffee, and even more if I’m sticking around. We’re helping each other.”

Both of these franchises, Timothy’s and Select Sandwich have their cafe’s powered with free Wi-Fi from PurePages.   Good to know that people  know that these chains have free Wi-Fi and are spreading the news…  Enjoy a coffee at one of these stores and you will get friendly service and good, free Internet!  We like to hear feed back from the end user about the Internet Service Quality, any other feed back is welcome!  So, after you have had a coffee and used their Wi-Fi, drop us a line!

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