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Tech predictions for 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
posted by Laura

Over at PurePages, we like to keep up with everything that is new in the field of technology and wireless communication.

This time of the year, there are a lot of articles featuring different scenarios for the field in 2012. After going through a lot of such articles, we thought of sharing some of these predictions here on our blog. We found the following to be of interest:

  • Sleeker, lighter laptops: Wireless has certainly had an impact on the way laptops look. Given that you can access family photos or download a movie really fast, most users rarely use their laptop’s disk drive. This year, we will see more laptops with no optical disk drive and with fewer ports – all this without losing functionality.
  • Smartphones improvements: 2012 will see dual core processors becoming the norm for smartphones. This will give smartphones a performance boost due to the dual core processor’s ability to multi-task efficiently. While one of the processors handles low-power functions like calls and messages, the other one is reserved for more high-power functions like gaming or navigation. Also, dual-core processors will improve smartphone battery efficiency.
  • The Internet of things – brought about by machine to machine connections. Predictions are that, in 2012 and following years, more and more appliances will be developed to be constantly connected – either one to another and to the Internet. The implications here are tremendous – just think about it – what it would be like to have your fridge alert you that you are out of milk?
  • Data- increase cell phone plans: As cell-phone owners tend to make less calls and check their e-mail or Facebook account more often, it is somewhat natural that they would prefer a subscription plan developed according to what they use more. In 2012, we will definitely see more cell-phone plans that emphasize traffic data and give calling minutes less importance.
  • Mobile shopping to increase: This holiday season, a massive surge in shopping done via mobile devices has been reported. Given the fact that this type of shopping is highly convenient and given the increase in mobile device numbers, this trend is likely to go on in 2012.
  • Mobile payments: Thanks to an already existing technology, making payments without having to reach for your wallet could be a dream come true this year. In 2012, mobile payments might become an alternative as more phones with near field communication chips – or NFC built into are being developed.
  • Media consumption habits change: Internet has made it easier for us to borrow media than buy it. This is already available via movie streaming services or music services like Spotify. Also, devices like the Amazon Kindle allow borrowing e-books from public libraries without having to physically visit. These services are expected to grow this year.

Reading and writing this article, we can’t help but feeling that this year we will see technology take another huge step forward, impacting and redefining to a certain extent the way we live and the way we communicate.

So, what do you think? Which of the above will be the first to become a fact in 2012?

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