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A few interesting facts on the 2012 Olympics

Friday, August 10, 2012
posted by Laura

The Olympics games have started and in honor of this event, we’ve included a few interesting facts about the event ranging from viewing options to how the games are getting along with social media.

The 2012 edition of the Olympic games marks the first ever live streaming of all 32 sporting events in the competition. North American broadcasters such as NBC are offering up to 3500 hours of live coverage of the event, which is a spike from the 2200 hours streamed from the Beijing event four years ago, which is great news for those who plan to view the event on TV.

According to this article, a large number of people are going to opt for the comfort offered by television, the main source of Olympic programming for years. However, there will also be plenty of folks to turn online for viewing – and they have quite a number of options here.

One can choose from each one of these online streaming channels – the official Olympic channel, NBC Olympics or Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. All these however, are pretty regardless of device and require Flash player for viewing. Those on an Apple device such as the Ipad will need to download a special app for this and there are several available to choose from: Sports Illustrated, Reuters, BBC and the NBC Live Extra app.

How are the games reflected in social media? The policy for social media posting is a restrictive 4 pages long document – athletes are not allowed to tweet about the games as they happen, comment on other participants. If they want to post pictures of other athletes, they need their permission to do so. Those who attend the games are allowed to take and post pictures, but they cannot use the Olympic symbol on images of any kind and no videos whatsoever are to be shared from inside the village or from the competitions. This policy has been otherwise confirmed after a few unofficial videos from the opening ceremony posted on YouTube were immediately taken down, prompting users with the following message: “This video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

Controversy regarding social media and the Olympics goes on to touch in other ways as well – last week a Greek swimmer was eliminated from the competition after she posted a racing comment on Twitter.

On the other side, sports fans from all over the world are updating statuses and sharing media such as pictures of their national representatives and videos, promoting Olympics content.

Moreover, Google is also marking this event in the company’s own way. Besides the iconic logo doodles inspired by different sports, Google is taking you one step closer to viewing the games. Type in “London 2012 Olympics” into your search bar and you’ll see in the right hand side of the page what sports are scheduled each day and an updated status on the number of medals won in the competition. The widget also includes a “Watch online” button linking to all the available ways to view the games online.

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