Serial murders online.

Thursday, October 15, 2009
posted by raheema

This past week, my brother told me about a 5th Estate episode he watched about online suicides…. that is one way to look at it. I watched this video today, and as they put it in the video, it can also be viewed as online serial murders.  I just watched this about 15 minutes ago, and I have found it so disturbing, that I am not even really sure where to start… all I can think about is my children, and that this is what they will be exposed to in another 10 years, except by then, it will probably be something worse… wow!

This case, is about a very promising first year university student, Nadia Kajouji.  She started her first year with a very good start, however a little while into the term, she ended up pregnant had a miscarriage and was depressed…. this was the beginning of the end.  Because of her depression she had insomnia, at the beginning she was begging counselors and friends for help…. the help never came.  After months of struggling for support…  She found some support online.  She searched about suicide online.  Methods; what was effective and what was not, for statistics… suicide was something she thought about, and made an informed decision.  However, her decision was influenced.  Influenced in a way that no one knew about until it was too late.  Over the months she had become mentally, socially and emotionally withdrawn so the people around her did not know that she was being tied into a suicidal world online.

After being on so many suicidal sites and chats online, she became friends with a 20-25 year old woman, who was also suicidal.  Her screen name was “Li Dao”  (later it was also found that this person also had screen names “falcon girl” and “Cami-D”)  Li Dao, was a caring nurse who was in similar age, who also wanted to commit suicide, she was warm towards Nadia, often referring to her as “Hun”.  Li Dao, was not only in contact with Nadia, but with an approx 500 others over a term of 5 years.  Not all these people comitted suicide, but a known 5 have, and probably many unknown cases as well.  Li Dao, encouraged suicide by hanging, going to the extent of telling these teens and young adults exactly what kind or rope to buy from their local Home Depot.  Li Dao encouraged them to hang themselves in front of the web cam, telling them that they could do it together in front of their web cams, so they will not be scared and alone.

The reality: Li Dao, Falcon girl and Cami-D, were the same person.  Not a 20-25 year old nurse that was depressed… but rather a 46 year old “family man” and a practicing nurse that had 2 daughters also about 20 years old.  He was not depressed and had no intention of committing suicide at the same time as the others.  He enjoyed watching them do it.

Someone from the UK, had been trying to follow Li Dao, and had tried submitting her information to several police departments in the UK and USA.  No one wanted the info…  not because it was false, but because Internet crimes are difficult to handle.  This lady finally had some luck in Minnesota, where “Li Dao” resided they took the case and did some research, the police had spoken to him and of course he denied everything.  He went to emergency and admitted that he aided other people online to commit suicide, the police after almost 2 years, have not pressed charges or arrested him.

He is still online.  Perhaps under another name, perhaps not.  Nadia, she was found in Rideau river 6 weeks after she jumped.

This is just one story about online predators.  There are many.  Beware, be careful, teach your kids, monitor what they do and who they talk to… and in a situation like this, talk to them.  In this case, Nadia did not want to talk to her parents… have someone else talk to them, a girlfriend of yours…  do whatever you can to find out what is happening…

After watching the nightly news, many of us think that the world is a cruel place, the online world can be even worse!

RIP Nadia Kajouji 1989-2008.

One Response to “Serial murders online.”

  1. John says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I saw the same documentary.

    First of all, Kudos to “The Fifth Estate” for its excellent documentary. The told the story from Nadia’s vantage point. I was very well done. It was very educational. I learned how evil that person is.

    My thoughts are that, at this point, we have to seek justice. Nadia is gone. I believe that she would likely still be alive if she had not met up with Melchart-Dinkel. I think that she was in a state of extreme depression and was sitting on the fence. You can hear her lament on her video blog “if I could only go to class…start functioning, etc”. I understand that this preditor would constantly convince her that nothing would work.

    I think that Melchart-Dinkel needs to be put on trial for murder in the first degree. I believe that this is the crime that was committed – not assisted suicide, but murder. The reason I think this way is that (1) he knew what he was doing. His goal was to kill her, and he did kill her. It was a premeditated act. He knew that she wasn’t sane (in her right mind) due to depression and insomnia, etc. It is no different than if you told a blind person to walk off a bridge. It is a murder, and a first degree murder, plain as day. The second thing that needs to be taken into account is that (2) it is no accident that he chose Nadia Kajouji. He selected her because he concluded that she would be the person who was most likely to kill herself. She was the easiest target.

    This act is one of the most heinous crimes that has been committed in recent Canadian legal history. One thing that stands out is that Melchart Dinkel has gone on record as saying that he did this simply for what he calls “the thrill of the chase”. Can you believe that?

    As Canadians, we need to stand up and take action. Now is the time for us to **demand** this criminal’s extradiction. The venue for this trial should be in Ottawa, Canada. There are things we can do. One of them is writing letters to public officials, such as MPs, Crown Attorneys, members of the media. We must let them know that we want this guy to be put on trial here in Canada for what he has done. If you read my words, please take action.