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Thursday, April 16, 2009
posted by raheema

I have just read about a Japanese game and am wowed!  Unfortunately not in a good way.

I remember sitting in one of my high school classes and having a class discussion about who influences children the most – whether it is parents, family, media  etc.   We came to the conclusion that all of these channels play a large part in the way children are raised  affecting their thoughts, actions and morals as adults.

Since my days of playing PacMan and Frogger, I never really carried an interest in video games.  As a teenager, I may have played a few games of Mortal Combat trying to beat my boyfriend (now husband) and quickly realized that it wouldn’t happen and I easily lost interest in the “gaming world.”

Well, some people so interested in video games – that some of the games being created are no longer suitable for children… In my opinion not suitable for humans all together!  I have just read about about a Japanese game called “RapeLay” – I assume mocking our term “replay” as they repeatedly rape women on the Japanese train system.  To my understanding, after raping a mother and 2 sisters, you win and are able to move to another level of being able to gang rape the girls with your friends!  This is what happens when you win!!!

Going back to my high school discussion, in addition to parents, family, communities and media influencing our children, high on our list is the gaming world we should be be monitoring what our children play.  The days of Pac Man and Frogger are gone,unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean we have to raise children that play on rape simulators.  This is shameful.  It brings upon a whole different topic of can children or teens differentiate between real life and cyber life? I have said this to so many people before, the Internet is not a bad thing – it is a good thing, but it all depends on how you use it.

The US has banned this game from being in the USA, it is not available on Amazon or eBay, but a few searches online and you are able to download it without a problem.

These are just opinions from what I have read about RapeLay. I have not downloaded or played it.  I have no intention to, I think it takes a ‘sick’ person to play such a game but an even more ‘sick and disturbed’ person to have the want to create a game like this.  I would like to see a video game about a student who attends College / University – the people he/she meets and the steps they take to lead them into being an Executive or a Humanitarian…  How come games like this do not get as much publicity?

Now that I have voiced my opinion on that, I can move on to a happier topic. Last week we hosted our first Internet Safety presentation – it was great!   Our guest speakers talked to parents about how to keep kids safe online, cyberbullying, online gaming, Facebook and adult content online.  The parents had lots of questions and some needed advice – it was a great night for all.  We look forward to hosting our next Internet Safety Night on May 11th.

Have a wonderful and safe week!

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