Internet safety in China

Thursday, June 18, 2009
posted by raheema

A little while ago, a friend sent me an email about China’s new Internet filtering policies.

As of July 1st 2009, all personal PC’s that are sold in China, will have a built in filtration system that will block all pornographic sites.  It doesn’t just stop there, with time other sites may also be blocked… but specific URL’s and websites can be added on the filtration system by parents as well.

When this article first came out, most people loved the idea.  A few Canadians were opposed to it. The comments to this article are closed, otherwise I would have posted the link.  I also reside in Canada, and although I believe in Internet Filtering many people here don’t… and I just don’t understand why.  About a year ago, our local library had a situation where a man was repeatedly coming into the library and look at pictures of nudists.  There could be children around, it is a library after all.  I found out about this situation, because the lady who sat beside him one time wrote in to the local newspaper.  This become a 4 week debate in the paper. At that time, PurePages offered the library FREE Internet services, and although the offer was appreciated and they wanted to accept, they could not because of Human Rights.  This man, had the right to come in, and look at whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted, without any regard to who else can see. On the other hand, is it not MY right, to take my children into the library and not have them exposed to vulgarity?  Is it not my right to think that the library is safe for them to visit for story time and computer classes?  I personally think that it is a little weird that people would look at such things in a library…

I personally think that the Chinese are on to something here.  Internet filtering from now will save us a lot of hassle in the future.  A long time ago, I read that there was an employee of a Corporation, who could not work, because of his addiction to Online Porn.  Situations like this, are ridiculous, yes they may make some people chuckle and think how crazy is that… but it is the truth, it is reality.  It is what we should AVOID.

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  1. Klanurt says:

    That’s a good thing to know that China is finding ways to promote online safety in their country. On the other hand, as parents we need to educate our children how to protect themselves too. Teens nowadays are very up to date when it comes to technology. I’ve read an article which I as a parent find it helpful since my teen is playing online games as well. I might as well share it with you:

  2. Sally says:

    These blogs are very interesting. Thanks for posting them. My son has recently started playing online games, and this has taught me a few things!