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Facebook and Court cases

Thursday, May 21, 2009
posted by raheema

I have heard so many stories of ‘friends’ or if you would like to call them ‘frienemies’ manipulating others pictures and re posting them on social networking sites, like Facebook.  In our Internet Safety presentations, I always say that the Internet is an open world where everyone can see you.  It’s like changing in front of a window with the curtains wide open…

A few days ago, I came across an article in the Toronto Sun.

Its about how the courts are actually using information found on sites like these to help in certain cases.  In one case that they use as an example, a girl was injured and is suiing someone for 40K, because she is ‘injured’.  The courts passed pictures as evidence. They were pictures found on Facebook that showed this poor injured girl kayaking and doing other sporting activities!  This is the first time I am hearing of something like this…   This girl put up these pictures… expecting her 366 friends to see them, probably without realizing that her privacy settings would allow her friend’s friends to see them and other people in her network.

Like the article said, it is not how many people you show things too, but it is about WHO you show it to…  I would assume that she will not collect her 40K now….

Now, don’t get me wrong, I use Facebook.  I like Facebook, but again, it has to be used correctly. In our local paper today, I saw an article about how a girl found her birth father through information on Facebook.  I have another friend who found her brother this way… and for those of us who do use these sites, we have all found one long lost friend or another… that we are glad to re-kindle friendship with… with everything in life… Social networking sites have their pros and cons… before you post anything… think twice – Will it affect myself or anyone else?  Am I being malicious?  Do I need to post these pictures…

These things along with other things that technology has brought to us, are very exciting… but they are still “new” to us… we still need to learn how to use them… so think before you Click!

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Teens and the Internet

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
posted by raheema

As I write this today, I am watching a Teens and Technology special on The View. They are talking about all aspects of Life of a Teenager and how their lives can be so exposed, thanks to the Internet and popular social websites, like Facebook and My Space.

Teens are rebellious, as it is a time to find themselves, it is a time to break away from their parents. In a time that parents are working harder than ever and there are more broken homes than ever… the internet, has made it easier to rebel in front of the world… by blogging, posting pictures, having online sex or “sexting” which is the new term for sex – texting.

The lives of teens are much different than when many of us were teens… parents need to be more precautious, and help, assist and talk to them whenever possible. Teens can still be very vulnerable and sometimes, even though they do not want to admit it, need extra guidance and love.

This show is airing only 2 days before we have our first Internet safety Presentation at a local Catholic School. We will be covering topic like general Internet safety, cyber bullying and Facebook. There will also be some grade 8 students that come with their parents; it will be interesting to hear their thoughts on Internet safety.

We are hoping to keep parents and communities aware of the dangers of the internet. PurePages can’t fix the World Wide Web completely, but we definitely teach people how to use it properly and make it safer than it actually is. As a parent, I may not be able to 100% “out-tech” kids but I can “out-smart” them!

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