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Lock or Filter Your Homes Wireless Signal

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
posted by al

When I connect wirelessly at home with my laptop, and see that there are 3 unprotected connections available from homes in the immediate area, it goes to show that many people are still not aware of the great risks being taken by not securing your wireless signal.

Vancouver police have marked this as a serious issue, finding that child sex predators drive around searching for these signals to access child sexual abuse images or troll for child sex partners in chat rooms. In an article written in the Vancouver Sun last year (February 13, 2007), police found postings online instructing other pedophiles to purchase old laptops from garage sales or classifieds in newspapers, and without changing the settings, drive through neighborhoods, pick up unprotected signals and surf child porn using that signal.

The solution is very simple, put security measures into place with your home wireless connection simply by having only a filtered service like PurePages provides, or LOCK YOUR WIRELESS CONNECTION. A small change can make a big difference.

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