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Pedophile’s In Ontario!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
posted by al

Now this hits too close to home!! 31 people were arrested in Ontario on a huge child porn crackdown. This is nothing less than disgusting. Although parents are sometimes also the victims by realizing their children were abused, its unreal how many stories are popping up where parents were actually aware of the abuse, and did nothing!! In the recent arrests in Ontario a 4 year old boy was rescued from sexual abuse which was posted online, by his own Father! It’s gut wrenching to read these stories in the news, but when I read about 31 arrests in Ontario, it just shows that there are many more of these sick people out there than we actually think.

At PurePages, we have initiated seminars and parent nights at schools to help parents learn about protecting their children online and keeping them safe. We strongly feel that it starts with families keeping porn, child porn and offensive sites out of their homes. Children under no circumstances should be able to easily come across this material in their own home.

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Bad Wi-Fi = Losing Your Business??

Friday, January 30, 2009
posted by al

The facts from a recent study completed by PurePages and 3 other companies in the Greater Toronto area are staggering!!

Most of the venues providing Wi-Fi hotspots are simply opening their business Internet services up to the public for use. If you own a business and are doing the same, beware of the repercussions you potentially face.

One of the major risks is your businesses risk of liability. If a pedophile was to walk into one of these businesses, use the wireless to surf or download child porn and walk away, guess who’s at risk of liability? The business will be charged/sued for opening their Internet services and not taking any measures to prevent this from occurring. Also imagine taking your family to eat dinner in one of these establishments and have someone at the table next to you surfing porn! Can you smell a lawsuit coming on?

Let’s not also forget the spammers looking for these open avenues as well as the big download junkies who’ll eat up your bandwidth and either get your Internet services cut off or leave you with an enormous bill to pay.

The above mentioned are things which can potentially put your business under.

If you’re a business owner who is providing what you call Wi-Fi by opening your business internet services to your patrons, its time to reconsider and invest in a managed Wi-Fi solution, which surprising enough will cost next to nothing, however will increase traffic, revenue, provide a security blanket and also may save your business!!

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