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High Tech Solutions Shouldn’t Replace Common Sense

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
posted by al

Teaching your children about Internet safety tips and how to avoid threats in many ways is as effective as the large number of high tech devices being promoted and sold across North America. When families begin to ‘need’ the many gadgets and devices available to monitor the lives of their children, the risk of having an over dependence on the parents and not giving children a little privacy becomes somewhat of a trap.

If you’re looking at simple safety tips online to help keep your child stay safe, there are several sites and programs available to help parents take the right steps. A good site for tips on keeping children safe online is There is also an organization called Kidproof ( who provide classes and seminars for child safety. When activating home services with PurePages (, we help you to take away the needs for filters, software, upgrades and continual monitoring of your child’s online searches by removing adult, offensive and hate material before it enters your home. This is a good way to take a big safety step in a small and simple way.

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