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The Wi-Fi Traveller

Thursday, April 29, 2010
posted by raheema

As many of us have heard over the past couple of weeks, that thousands of people have been stranded in airports worldwide, due to the Icelandic Volcano that recently erupted.

What would you do if you were stranded in an airport for an unforeseeable amount of time? Not everyone can check into a hotel, as there are thousands upon thousands that are stuck… People resorted to many different things.

The Bangkok International Airport, set up areas for organized sports, in others they set up Ping Pong tables. Skype started offering free Wi-Fi. This would allow people to stay in touch with their families and friends, get work done, and just browse the web… what else can you do when you are stuck and waiting for flights to re-open?

British Airways lost for 20 million pounds over the whole volcanic deal, as I am sure others lost close to as much. With those kind of losses, I am sure they were not thinking of how to entertain travellers – so it was Skype to the rescue!

Although I am sure not everyone wants to be online ALL day long, but when you don’t have a choice, it does provide, education and entertainment… You were able to leave the airport and enjoy the city, however, when you were stuck in the airport – at least there was something to do, thanks to Skype!

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A reason to have Wi-Fi.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
posted by raheema

Need a reason to have a Wi-Fi in your restaurant?? I was at Harvey’s a few days ago… 2 people in line asked if there was Wi-Fi at the location. The employee said no, and the 2 customers left and went to a coffee shop in the same area!

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