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DSL Enterprise Bonded

In today's fast moving business environment, productivity is the key to success. PurePages wireless solutions helps you achieve your goals and enhance customers experience because satisfied customers quickly become loyal clients.

PurePages exists to keep it simple, no matter how complex things get. Every second, we monitor and manage complex networks of wireless infrastructure & devices. Our business solutions can be adapted to several industries, including the retail industry, the automotive industry, transport industry or in education and government agencies.

What are you looking for in an Internet service?

You want to provide to your employees high-speed navigation and amazing server uptime. You may also be a new business and you're looking for a package that can put you on the World Wide Web. DSL Enterprise Bonded is suited for you because this package features website hosting, unlimited e-mail accounts and high-speed Internet.

DSL Enterprise Bonded

  • 12MB Down / 1.6MB Up
  • Free Static IP's
  • Unlimited Internet Usage
  • Free DSL Modem + Special Router
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free Business Website Hosting

$99.95/Month + 99.95 One Time Set-Up


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