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DSL Enterprise

Stay connected and productive using PurePages wireless solutions for your business venture. Our flexible and reliable business platforms are exactly the tools you need for your enterprise.

Today's companies depend on their wireless networks to share information and power applications critical to their businesses. Secure implementation and maintenance of these networks is integral to companies' revenue ability.

What are you looking for in an Internet service?

If you're a small business you may be looking for a stable high-speed Internet connection, no bandwith caps, doubled by the amazing server uptime and tech support that we can offer. Our DSL Enterprise package is the right solution for you!

DSL Enterprise:

Business Bronze 6mbps / 1mbps
Business Silver 10mbps / 1 mbps
Business Gold 16mbps/ 1mbps
Business Platinum 25mbps / 10mbps
Business Platinum Plus 50 mbps / 10 mbps
Cable30 30mbps/2mbps
Cable50 50mbps/2mbps
Cable150 150mbps/2mbps


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