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In the hospitality business loyal customers are the cornerstone of your business. Satisfied customers can become loyal customers if you offer them the chance to enjoy the benefits of a clean and safe Internet experience.

Hotel solutions

PurePages is proud to be the service provider for many of the finest timeshares, hotels and resorts across Ontario and Quebec. We supply our clients with business centers and kiosks as well as wired and wireless connectivity in their guestrooms, conference rooms, and common areas. Our clients receive network monitoring and 24/7 technical assistance for their guests to ensure an excellent customer Internet experience during their stay. Moreover, PurePages simplifies the operation of your Wi-Fi network by doing all the network management for you, so you can focus on your customer's other needs.

What about my Restaurant or Coffee Shop?

The future of communicating is mobile. Your restaurant or coffee shop can tap into this opportunity and embrace the Wi-Fi experience. Studies show that customers are more likely to visit a location if they know it has free Wi-Fi access.

PurePages can take care of all the details from getting the service running to ensuring it is always available for your customers from our state-of-the-art HotSpot monitoring center.


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