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Hotels and Inns

Either for personal or professional use, the Internet is a powerful tool. PurePages helps you use this tool to your advantage by delivering personalized Internet solutions fitted to your hotel's exact requirements.

A high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot is an important asset to your hotel. In most modern hotels, guests expect (and we recommend) that the service is available throughout the entire property. Moreover, your business needs customized voice solutions so that it runs smoothly and is able to offer the best service to your customers.

PurePages offers options of wired and/or wireless service throughout meeting facilities, guestrooms and common areas to fit your specific requirements. The best hardware devices and customized software are deployed and the entire service is managed by our teams.

What can we do for your Hotel or Inn?

You can manage all your communication needs and solutions in one place with PurePages solutions. We don't just provide services, we provide solutions.

  • Managed Wireless Solutions (Wi-Fi)
  • High Bandwidth Dedicated Internet Access
  • Voice Solutions
  • Cabling Solutions
  • Network Design
  • CCTV and Security Solutions
  • Server Co location
  • Website and Email Hosting

Why use our services for your hotel business?

The wide variety of Internet solutions that we provide ensures that both you and your customers enjoy a safe, rich and valuable Internet experience. What are we offering?

  • A Wi-Fi HotSpot in your hotel available throughout the entire property.
  • A customized portal page for your business which is seen by every user when they first access the Wi-Fi service.
  • We deliver dedicated bandwidth via fixed wiring or wireless, VPN, network services for business conventions in your facilities.
  • Conference calls and video conferences are part of your business, but they can be challenging without the right service provider. PurePages offers customized voice solutions for your hotel, so you are never confronted with a communication gap with suppliers or other partners.
  • We provide network monitorng services, basically all the necessary tools and technologies for operating wireless hot-spots from a central location.
  • In case of malfunctions, we offer rapid on-site response and risk management techniques coupled with our industry's first Same Day On-Site Guarantee.
  • We provide 24/7 customer support for you and your customers.
  • Our bandwidth management system ensures that you achieve optimum bandwith use while reducing drastically incidents of bandwith choking.

How can you use our web solutions?

The advantage of PurePages web services is that you will get to handle all your communication and networking needs in one place. But the most important thing to take into consideration is that our services provide a variety of solutions fit for every hotel. These include guestroom access, convention services or security solutions.

Guestroom Access

You need smaller deployments of wired or wireless Internet for your customers. We take care of all the details from getting the service running to ensuring it is always available for your customers from our state-of-the-art hotspot monitoring center. We also provide monthly usage statistics so you can see just how many customers use the service and show you your return on investment.

Convention Services

Conventions are often a big part of the hotel business because they ensure a guest flow or they require catering services. You can stay on top of the game and be competitive in the business by offering enhanced services to your customers. More and more meeting planners today require reliable wired and wireless Internet access for their conferences, seminars and meetings.


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