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DSL Packages

When you are at home, you feel safe and protected. PurePages helps you feel the same way when you are online. We offer high-speed, high-security Internet access so that you and your family can take advantage of this wonderful tool that is the Internet.

At home you don't have to sacrifice anything, especially your Internet safety. Our diverse and flexible packages can meet your specific needs.

What are you looking for in an Internet connection?

Our DSL Elite package is the right solution for your small family. Besides instant access and secure navigation, we offer unlimited Internet usage and e-mail accounts.

DSL Elite

DSL Basic 6mbps / 800k
DSL Basic Plus 7mbps / 1 mbps
DSL Premium 10mbps / 1 mbps
DSL Premium Plus 15mbps / 1 mbps
DSL Elite 25mbps / 10 mbps
DSL Elite Plus 50 mbps / 10 mbps


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